After Basement Finishing, Keep Up With Local Building Codes

After Basement Finishing, Keep Up With Local Building Codes

Learn about egress window requirements in Belton, Independence & Kansas City, MO

Did you know that you have additional housing requirements to follow when you turn your basement into a living space? In Cleveland, Belton, Independence and Kansas City, MO, your basement living area, such as a basement bedroom, must have an egress window that can be used for exit or rescue in an emergency.

Following this code is important to your safety, but it's also important for your property value. If you plan to sell your home with a bedroom or living area in the basement, you need to add an egress window. K.C. Foundation Repair & Excavation, LLC can install an egress window in your basement without delay.

Reach out to us today for a free estimate on our egress window types. We sell 48-inch by 48-inch square windows and 32-inch by 40-inch rectangles.

Do you have an existing window that is damaged?

If you have an egress window that needs repairs, you can count on K.C. Foundation Repair & Excavation to provide egress window repair services. Contact us to discuss egress window repair, and we'll send an experienced crew to fix your window.