Are Your Walls Leaning?

Are Your Walls Leaning?

You need foundation repair and wall straightening services in Belton, Independence & Kansas City, MO

When the walls of your house bow or tilt in Cleveland, Belton, Independence or Kansas City, MO, choose a professional crew to fix the problem. K.C. Foundation Repair & Excavation, LLC can straighten things out with foundation repair and wall straightening services.

When we work for you, we will:


  • Dig around the foundation to access it
  • Lift the house to straighten the wall
  • Brace the wall with one of two tools





One tool is an I-beam and the other is a carbon fiber brace. Call 816-724-6823 now for a free estimate on our wall straightening work.


Learn about the repair process

After we brace your wall, we'll level the walls and house if sinking makes this necessary. If your foundation is cracked, our foundation repair pros will restore it with epoxy and polyurethane injections. To learn more about how this process works, speak with our team today.