Before You Finish a Basement, Prepare With Waterproofing

A waterproofing contractor will make it ready for work in Belton, Independence & Kansas City, MO

Do you plan to finish your basement to turn it into another living space? This is a good solution for many homeowners who want more space without moving or adding a room, but it does require preparation.

First, a waterproofing contractor needs to give your basement a waterproof interior. K.C. Foundation Repair & Excavation, LLC is a renowned waterproofing contractor in Cleveland, Belton, Independence or Kansas City, MO that can do the job right. When you work with us, we will:


  • Remove your interior drain system in the basement
  • Install drainage pipes
  • Conceal the pipes with concrete
  • Add a sump pump system




After making your space safe from future water damage, you and your construction team can finish the basement. For a free estimate on these services, call 816-724-6823 today.

Need to waterproof a finished basement?

Need to waterproof a finished basement?

K.C. Foundation Repair & Excavation also offers exterior basement waterproofing services. These are best for buildings that already have finished basements.

Our exterior basement waterproofing services include digging down to the foundation, installing drainage systems, covering them and leaving in place a system that will drain water from the exterior.