Don't Wait to Call for Sump Pump Repair

We will service your basement sump pump promptly in Belton, Independence, Kansas City, MO and surrounding areas

When you have a basement sump pump problem, you can't wait to schedule repair services. You need to resolve the problem quickly, to avoid costly water damage. When a pump doesn't control moisture, water can built up in your basement and cause mold growth and structural issues.

To arrange for repair services, call K.C. Foundation Repair & Excavation, LLC in Cleveland, Belton, Independence or Kansas City, MO right away at 816-724-6823. We offer a full range of sump pump services, including:


  • Sump pump repair services
  • Sump pump replacement services
  • New sump pump installation services



When we come to your property, we'll begin by examining your basement sump pump. You can trust us to let you know whether you need sump pump replacement or repair services.




What should you expect from us?

What should you expect from us?

If your pump just needs minor repairs, we'll fix it and replace any damaged parts. If you need a sump pump replacement, count on us to install one. During the sump pump replacement or installation process, we will:

  • Break up the floor
  • Install a basin with drainage
  • Install a pump and connect it to your plumbing system
  • Provide drainage

You can get in touch with us right away to schedule sump pump replacement or new installation services.